As Head of Publicity for the inaugural TEDxAustinWomen, I ran a campaign for the summit that ultimate resulted in it becoming the #1 Most Viewed TEDWomen event of 2013, out of over 220 events across 58 countries.  One of our speakers, Lizzie Velasquez, gave a presentation entitled "How Do You Define Yourself?" which quickly went viral.  Currently, it has over 10 million views and is still one of the most popular TED Talks ever recorded. The success of the TEDx event and Lizzie's video became the catalyst for the award-winning documentary based on her life, A BRAVE HEART: THE LIZZIE VELASQUEZ STORY, of which I produced in 2014 and also led the worldwide publicity campaign for its theatrical, VOD and DVD release. The speech and film are now available in many different languages.